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About Us

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- SproutEd Learning Hub -

The team at SproutEd started with a small group of educators who are passionate about learning and play.

We wanted to create resources that nurture children, help them connect with their interests and natural ways of learning and doing, and are fun, challenging and engaging!

Over time, our focus has broadened to encompass educators too. We recognise that their wellbeing and passion for learning is key to creating nurturing and engaging educational environments - so we have been working hard on courses and workshops that help educators continue to learn and grow too!


Reignite your passion and help those Little Sprouts learn, play and grow!

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- Our Mission -

At SproutEd Learning Hub, our mission is to provide high-quality educational resources and services to educators and learners of all ages; through our comprehensive directory of digital and physical resources, courses, workshops, blog articles, and educational coaching.


We believe that learning is a lifelong endeavour and should be approached in ways that are sustainable - not just environmentally, but in ways that promote and sustain engagement and motivation.

We coordinate (activities and initiatives), collaborate (with educators and the community), teach (through digital and physical resources, workshops and classes) and support others to reach their full potential as educators and achieve their personal learning goals (through group or private coaching).

Meet the Team

Our founders Mel & Jason are the faces of SproutEd Learning Hub, and you'll see them around the most; but The Hub is a place for educators of all kinds to come together and share our passions and skills. We are a collective of experienced and creative educators that bounce ideas off each other and work together to make the magic happen. If you'd like to be a part of the team then let us know by connecting with us on social media.

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