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Welcome to one of our favourite Learning with Lego Packs!


Please use this pack to get started on your own inspiring Lego learning journey.


To get the most out of your resource pack, please read all of the pages in the document carefully and download your additional files using the clickable images in this PDF.


The Desert Survival Challenge Club Starter Pack gives you everything you need to complete your first Lego Club meet with friends, your local homeschooling group, or in the classroom (just add Lego!) and even comes with a Presenter script to help you structure the more formal learning component of the topic.


The structure of this Learning with Lego Pack will get you off to a great start learning about biomes, ecology, climate, survival, critical & creative thinking and more!


Remember, this is a complete Lego Club Session, but not a complete curriculum - it is a starting point to explore the topics listed here in a fun, engaging way. Be might send you down some unexpected rabbit holes of learning...have fun!


What's Included?

This Learning with Lego resource is designed to support you to teach a mini unit of work that can explore:

  • Biomes
  • Ecology
  • Climate
  • Survival
  • Critical & Creative Thinking


The Resource Pack includes:

  • An Overview of a Lego Club Session
  • PowerPoint Presentation with Presenter Script for Desert Survival Challenge
  • Desert Survival Printable Prompt Cards
  • Desert Survival Challenge Editable Storyboard



  • Recommended Resources to Support & Extend Learning




3rd - 8th, Homeschool


Other (Specialty), Geography, Critical Thinking


PowerPoint Presentations, Homeschool Curricula, Activities


  • PDF


89 pages

Learning with Lego - Desert Survival Challenge (Complete Unit Bundle)

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